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Land Surveyors of Jacksonville provides the highest quality of professional land surveying services in  Jacksonville, FL and surrounding areas. Local property owners, real estate developers, architects, engineers, construction experts, real estate agents, commercial real estate lenders, and government organisations are just a few of the diverse groups of clients we serve.

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Land surveyors of Jacksonville are licensed, trained professionals. We provide a variety of important services for residential and commercial clients. Our Land Surveying specialists work to ensure that the boundaries between properties are accurately determined and that the position of buildings is located in relation to property lines and the street grid. Our surveyors are knowledgeable about zoning regulations for various areas, as well as about topography and soil conditions. You can hire us to create subdivision layout maps or plat maps that detail where lots will be sold within an area. When someone buys a property they can use these maps to orient themselves on their new lot more quickly than would otherwise be possible without them. These types of mapping efforts are typically conducted with a digital total station surveying system, which is used by most modern-day land surveying firms because it’s accurate and inexpensive in comparison to older methods like ground-based surveying techniques or photogrammetry techniques which require heavy equipment such as planes or helicopters.

 If you’re thinking of buying or selling a home, investing in real estate, developing an area for business purposes, or just want to know where your boundaries are located – it’s important that you hire an experienced land surveyor.


Our Mission

Our goal is to deliver the most accurate, cost effective, and high-quality survey in the fastest, most efficient, and most professional manner possible by using the advantages of high-tech equipment, utilising technology, and individual efficiency.

Residential & Commercial

At Land Surveyors of Jacksonville, we offer a range of services for homeowners and businesses that can suit any need. From finding the perfect home lot or commercial property to leveling your gardens or lot for construction, we excel in all that we do.

Licensed & Insured

Land Surveyors of Jacksonville are committed to providing high quality services to our clients for. All of our employees are licensed, insured, bonded and all have passed a background check for your protection, so you know your project will be done right.

Cutting-Edge Equipment

We have the latest cutting-edge equipment in the industry, which means we can provide faster and more accurate service than any of our competitors. From GPS devices to 3-D laser scanners, Land Surveyors of Jacksonville has all of the latest technology.

Who We Are

Land Surveyors of Jacksonville are well versed in the guidelines and regulations associated with surveying and mapping. We have been in business for over a decade and we have the experience, knowledge, and equipment to serve you. Our professional property surveyors are trained to use the latest technologies to meet your needs.



Land Surveyors of Jacksonville takes pleasure in providing a broad range of survey services for clients in the commercial and residential sectors. In Jacksonville Area, we provide the best customer service and turnaround times.

ALTA Survey

We provide ALTA Surveys (American Land Title Association) with the location information required by a title company and/or lender for the issuance of title or mortgage insurance. A higher quality of service is guaranteed by our attention on detail and the calibre of our work.

As-Built Survey

An as-built survey is a copy of an existing building, which is created in order to represent the current state of the building. It will show the condition of the property and all changes that have been made to it since construction. The as-built survey can be customized to meet your specific requirements.

Boundary Survey

Understanding where your property limits are helps give you peace of mind and reduces the chance that you may misunderstand other property owners. In cases where property lines may be disputed or when buying property, we advise conducting a boundary survey. 

Elevation Certificate

An Elevation Certificate is a legal document that provides the elevation of a parcel of land in feet. This certificate can be used to determine the energy efficiency, flood risk, and what type of foundation will be needed for a new home or another building project on this property. 

Topographic Survey

We provide top-notch topographical maps that are adapted to meet the diverse client needs. We have the technology and resources to fulfil any request, whether it be for a topographical map of a vast area or individual site drawings needed for building permits.

Right of Way Survey

A right-of-way survey defines the owner’s rights to use adjoining properties. The purpose of a right-of-way survey is for determining what land is available for use, in order to maintain the integrity of an owner’s property. It can be used in appraisals or disputes between neighbors or businesses.

Subdivision Survey

Whether you need a simple parcel map or want to subdivide a sizable piece of land for development, we work with you to evaluate all of your requirements and choose the best course of action.

3D- Scanning Survey

The 3D scanning survey is a new advancement in surveying technology that utilizes 3D laser scanning equipment to collect data. It is able to scan objects and capture their dimensions in the form of data points, which are then processed on a computer.

Our Happy Clients!

“Because the property lacked an elevation certificate and they couldn’t send a surveyor out, my closing was going to be delayed by a week. When I phoned the Land Surveyors of Jacksonville, someone was at the property within an hour. Everyone is really kind and professional.”

Adam Brooks

“For years, our office has used Land Surveyor of Jacksonville. The client service is always excellent! Emergency requests made at the last minute are always fulfilled right away! I greatly appreciate it. We anticipate working with you for a very long time!!! I’m grateful.”

Kelly Joe

I need surveying services roughly 20 times each year as a local attorney. Land Surveyors of Jacksonville are consistently efficient, courteous, and cost-effective. There is no need to go elsewhere. We highly recommend them for your commercial surveying needs!

Stella Alba

Frequently Asked Questions

A land survey is an important document for understanding the boundaries of your property, and how the land is used. A well-executed home sale or purchase can be complicated without a survey to establish who owns what. If you have recently purchased a piece of property, you may need to have a new survey done to determine which parts are yours and which parts belong to the seller. You may also need a new survey if you are changing the boundaries, adding or removing structures, or making other changes to your property. A land survey can also be used as evidence in court proceedings and for tax purposes.

A land survey will give you many benefits. It can help you to find out the boundaries of your property, know where utilities are located and if any old buildings exist on the property, find the best spot for a driveway or building and show where trees are located. A survey also tells you where your neighbor’s property line is so that there is no confusion about which way to walk on your land. 

The cost of a land survey will vary on where the property is located and what type of survey it is. The price can also range depending on the size and complexity of the land. This is a cost that needs to be considered when buying property, as the state of Florida requires all homes to be sold with a survey. The simplest way to get an accurate estimate for your survey is to give us a call at (904) 310-1598!

The location of boundary lines and other lines of occupancy or ownership is a crucial piece of information to know before you build a fence, add a sunroom, or pave your driveway, making it one of the most common reasons landowners seek assistance of a surveyor. The survey reveals all too frequently that you and your neighbours had the incorrect idea about where the boundary line between your properties should be. Make sure the fence will be constructed on your property and not your neighbor’s before having it put up. You can determine whether the legal description of your property is accurate by examining the boundary line certification. The boundary is not defined by fences at all!

Most legal disputes over the property limit occur because all the elements recorded, such the structure’s initial location, have not been thoroughly examined or because it is impossible to study the multiple meanings of terms used in paperwork. Our skilled inspectors are equipped with the necessary skills and training for even the most difficult assignments.

The answer to this question depends on the person’s needs. There are many different types of surveys and it is important to have a professional determine which type would be best for you. For example, A boundary survey is required for any change in ownership and can include easements, encroachments on neighboring properties, and rights-of-way. Topographic surveys are used to locate natural resources that can be exploited for commercial use such as mineral deposits or aquifers. Please visit our service section on the website to learn more about the seven main types of surveys, or get in touch with us.

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