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boundary-survey-jacksonvilleAny construction or civil engineering company interested in purchasing land in the city for development must first conduct a survey of the property’s boundaries. Land Surveyors of Jacksonville are specialists in this field. LIDAR technology and high-definition 3D scanning are just two of the resources at our disposal. Using this technology, we can provide the most precise commercial boundary surveys in Jackonsville, Florida.

Boundary surveys are exactly what they sound like when used for business purposes.

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Simple boundary surveys can be used to determine a piece of land’s boundaries. This is the category in which most surveys fit. They make sure the boundaries of the region are straight. The boundary survey method entails a thorough examination of previous title records, earlier surveys, or earlier deeds. Land surveying services occasionally utilise GPS and drone technology to confirm that the property’s boundaries match the records. Fieldwork is another duty of the land surveyor. A land surveyor will walk the property and mark and stake the boundary lines. Disparities will be identified and fixed.

At some point, the vast majority of land has been surveyed. However, it is feasible and typical for the boundaries between several locations to become blurry over time. The boundary lines may get distorted as a result of erosion, neighbour intrusion, and other circumstances. If these discrepancies aren’t found before you buy the property, your claim to the title may be in jeopardy. A new commercial boundary study should be conducted rather than relying on the accuracy of earlier assessments.

Most lenders and title companies use a commercial boundary survey due to the deterioration of property lines over time.

• The current documentation is dated or unreliable.

• There is uncertainty over easements on the site 

• There is an ongoing land dispute 

• Additional construction is planned on the property

Regarding the cost of conducting a commercial border survey,

The price of doing a boundary survey varies in the commercial sector depending on the size of the property in question. We value our customers and make every effort to maintain fair pricing for all of our services. The majority of the commercial boundary surveys we perform are for bigger building projects, thus their price will be higher than some of the ranges listed online.

If you need a commercial boundary survey in Jacksonville Beach, Orange Park, Ponte Vedra, Nocatee, St Johns, Fruit Cove, Green Cove Springs, Fleming Island, and other nearby regions, get in touch with us. If you provide us a few details about the project, we might be able to give you an idea of how much it will cost.

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