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What is a right-of-way survey?

A right of way survey must be carried out when an organisation or legal entity has jurisdiction over or an interest in a specific parcel of land. When building roads, bridges, and other types of infrastructure, the government may need to conduct a right-of-way survey using eminent domain. This illustrates the transition from public ownership to private property.

Easements are different from rights of way, which are owned by an individual or an organization but permit use of the land by other people or groups.

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Right-of-way surveys can only be precise if the land surveying company conducts extensive research prior to starting the project. The deed right-of-way must be determined by the land surveyor. Improvements, features, and/or encroachments above or below ground will not be seen in right-of-way surveys. If you need to carry out these duties, it’s a good idea to do a topographic survey.

For your project, a right-of-way survey may be required. Our surveyors at Land Surveyors of Jacksonville are capable of going over your property ownership documents to determine whether or not a right-of-way survey is necessary. We’ll use our land surveyors to make sure we have all the data we need before entering into easement negotiations.

Does right-of-way mean ownership?

A right-of-ownership way’s is up for debate.

A right of way is an area of land that has been given an easement. A legal right to access a specific area of private land is known as an easement.

Is it legal to obstruct a right-of-way?

Legally, a right of way cannot be intentionally blocked. If your right of way has been blocked and you have been unable to enter a property, you should ask a court to issue an injunction. If local law enforcement cannot help you immediately away, they will likely advise you to take the same action.

How long does it take to officially recognise a walkway as a right of way?

The past 20 years According to the Highways Act of 1980, “a specific route shall be regarded to have been classified as a highway if it has been utilised and enjoyed by the public for a period of twenty years or more.”

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