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Looking for a subdivision survey in Jacksonville, FL? You’re in the correct location!

For the partition of land into smaller parcels, a subdivision survey is essential. The survey information will be displayed on a map that complies with Duval County or Jacksonville local subdivision laws.

les aren’t your ordinary ones. ALTA is the abbreviation used for the American Land Title Association. The most thorough land survey is the ALTA survey, also referred to as a title survey. They are typically the most expensive available options as a result. Lenders and title companies could demand that you provide a title or mortgage insurance policy. The ALTA or ASCM surveys include information on the following: boundary lines, building sites, auxiliary building locations, any on-site rights-of-way, utility locations, and easements. In Jacksonville,  These title surveys contain a wealth of information. They might also be be able to inform you where roads, fences, and other topographic features are located.

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Each lot on the map has a unique identification, such as a number or letter, allocated to it. The map then serves as the official legal description of each property inside the subdivision once our land surveyors collaborate with the municipality. A licenced surveyor is required if someone wants to divide their land into several sections for development or other purposes.

A subdivision survey often includes a topographic survey, a layout of the tract’s interior, and a design of the subdivision itself. It also includes a survey of the boundaries that need to be divided.

If the subdivision is small, the cost and time needed for a boundary survey will probably be comparable. Larger subdivision surveys, however, may be very expensive. Simply put, it depends on how big the project is. If you need more information, our land surveying company would be happy to talk with you about it. Give us a call now or use the form on the right.

Our headquarters are located in Jacksonville, but we also provide service to all other towns and cities, including Fleming Island, Orange Park, Ponte Vedra, Nocatee, Fruit Cove, and Green Cove Springs.


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