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topographic-survey-jacksonvilleIn addition to other surveys, an ALTA survey may also involve topographic surveys. They are frequently used to depict altitudes and natural features that aren’t typically represented on ordinary maps. To do this, land surveyors use a range of techniques, including GPS.

These “topo surveys,” as they are also known, can be utilised for anything from environmental restoration to building. They can be applied in a variety of situations. The topography is an important factor in inland surveying since it describes the arrangement of both natural and artificial features in a region. Since its main objective is to determine the property’s physical boundaries, a basic boundary survey won’t produce topographic information. Topographic information is also used in some land surveying, too.

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Construction companies, engineers, and architects utilise this sort of map to plan and construct land improvements. Most frequently, updated topographic surveys are carried out for security purposes. Construction projects may fail if subsurface documentation are inaccurate or outdated. A topographic survey consists of several different parts. One of these characteristics is the contour lines. The valleys and peaks of the area being surveyed are depicted by contour lines. They will show an increase or decrease in the number of feet depending on the contour. Without these, the topographic map is lacking. You would likely recognise these lines if you saw them. They could look like a pyramid when viewed from above.

Another feature that is frequently included on topographic maps and surveys is vegetation. They may appear on a topographic survey in a variety of ways depending on the surveyor or the surveying company, though a legend will frequently help to define what they are. Almost always, it is evident. 

Without including utilities, a topographic survey is not complete. This covers everything, from wells to electrical boxes to street lights and utility lines. This ought should be clear as well, based on the legend on the map.

A topographic survey may contain elements like:

• Rivers and streams

•Buildings, streets,


•Utility poles,


•Fences and walls,

•Trees and slopes,

•Hills and valleys.

A two-dimensional map that shows their height and placement on land also shows the advantages that are both natural and man-made.

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